ALARIANE™ CV: the superfood active ingredient for scalp protection

February 5, 2024

Having beautiful hair is directly linked to the health of the scalp. However, the scalp undergoes daily aggressions and needs to be protected. Therefore, to meet the needs of the market in a context of "skinification" of hair care products, Seppic offers a solution to protect the scalp against daily abrations thanks to the potential of Alariane™ CV.

This active ingredient provides a double protective effect on the scalp:

•A protective action on the hair follicle against Cadmium-induced inflammation.

•Protection against peroxidation of scalp lipids.



Alariane™ CV is a marine extract from a responsible sourcing of Alaria esculenta, also known as the "Irish wakame". It is a traditional food along the far northern coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, eaten for its excellent health properties as well as for its binder/detoxifier effect against heavy metals.


Moreover, Alariane™ CV as a specific composition of interest to supply molecules with efficacy on scalp protection:

Simple sugars / Polyols (Glucose, Rhamnose / Mannitol, Maltitol): well-known for moisturizing properties.

Free amino-acids (Alanine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid): hair fibers constituents because Alanine is known to decrease electrical charges and used as hair conditioner

Inspired by Alaria esculenta superfood properties for good health, Alariane™ CV will give superprotection properties for scalp.

Protection against inflammation linked to pollution

By our in-vitro test, we proved the ability of Alariane™ CV to protect the scalp from the pollution, and especially from Cadmium, a heavy metal present in overall pollution due to cigarette smoke or phosphate fertilizers for example. Indeed, in contact with cadmium, the scalp is weakened and submitted to inflammation, and thus, hair follicles are no longer able to produce healthy hair.


The use of Alariane™ CV demonstrated a significant diminution of 27% of hair follicles inflammation compared to non-treated one, after cadmium stress. Microscopic observations of cells with Alariane™ CV show an increase in their number and an improvement in their morphology, similar to cells not exposed to cadmium.

Alariane™ CV has a protective action on the hair follicle against inflammation induced by cadmium, and helps to preserve scalp function and maintain healthy hair.

Protection against oxidation

Lipids are essential elements for healthy hair. Lipids were demonstrated to be fundamental against damage and maintenance of healthy hair. Once produced they will ensure the cohesion and integrity of the cuticle. If they are subjected to oxidative stress (pollution, exposome, lifestyle), they will be peroxidized and not be able to play their protective role. Our in vitro data have also shown the protection of lipids peroxidation after a UVB stress. Thus, ALARIANE™ CV has a protective action, by preserving lipids functions from oxidation, in the scalp, to fight against damages and helps maintain healthy hair.

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