Join Seppic at Suppliers' Day on May 1st and 2nd - Booth 1011

April 24, 2024

For this 2024 edition of Suppliers' Day, Seppic is delighted to introduce its brand new identity associated with new launches and new innovative formulas! SENSORY, PERFORMANCE, and EFFICACY will be there, at booth #1011 for a new cosmetic experience!


Discover two new Seppic ingredients:

  • A game-changing and multifunctional excipient: the extra thickening & moisturizing natural gum with supreme comfort.
  • An efficient hair care active ingredient: the scalp and fiber restorer for beautiful hair in all climate conditions.



Explore our new collection of 7 formulas where innovation and sensoriality meet! Who has never wanted a personalized cosmetic experience depending on the mood and emotions?

This new collection of formulas positively addresses the current trends shaping the beauty market while meeting the consumers' daily needs for a customized sensory solution. Get tempted by beauty in every field of applications: skin care, hair care, nutricosmetic, and makeup!



You have loved it and asked for more?

The wall of textures is back at Seppic's booth for a journey that will awaken all your senses: through textures, colors, galenics, scents, and more. Some twenty textures, spotlighted in the center of our booth #1011, will take you on a journey of discoveries through an infinite range of possibilities, where the only watchwords are: surprise, pleasure, sensoriality, and innovation.


Don't miss out on this special opportunity to attend our technical experiences!

Twice per day, our technical expert will showcase live formulation demonstrations for an even more immersive experience in the Seppic expertise. This special moment will be an opportunity to discover our new innovative formulas, and to talk to our technical expert about our ingredients and how to use them to keep abreast of innovation!

Set a reminder to stop by our booth!


10:30 am: Transformation texture Google Calendar (opens new window)

2:00pm: Cold-processable mineral sunscreen with a high SPF Google Calendar (opens new window)


10:30 am: Cold-processable mineral sunscreen with a high SPF Google Calendar (opens new window)

1:30pm: Transformation texture Google Calendar (opens new window)

See you in New York City next week for an experience you won't soon forget!

Can't wait to discover what Seppic has in store for you? Let us know on the chat for preview revelations!