XYLISHINE™ C: The scalp and fiber restorer for beautiful hair

May 13, 2024

There is a rising need, on the market, for a natural active ingredient with anti-frizz and curl definition improvement through significant and visible results, as well as with an action on scalp in rinse-off product. In this context, and inspired by the "skinification" trend (taking care of its scalp like its skin), Xylishine™ C has been developed, acting holistically on scalp and hair cuticle repair.

Thanks to XYLISHINE™ C, hair becomes visibly more beautiful with increased shine, better curl definition and volume control.


XYLISHINE™ C (Xylitylglucoside - Anhydroxylitol - Maltitol - Xylitol - Pelvetia Canaliculata Extract) is a natural active ingredient derived from a patented complex of sugar derivatives recognized for their moisturizing action in skin care, associated with a bio-inspired algae harvested in France (Brittany), Pelvetia Canaliculata. It is well-known for its exceptional resistance to dehydration.

Inspired efficient active molecules from skin care

Consumers are looking for preferred skin care ingredients to become part of their hair care routine. Therefore, sugars are well known and efficient on the skin so it will also be efficient on scalp and hair fibers!

  • Xylitylglucoside: An ingredient derived from 2 water-binding plant sugars: Xylitol and Glucose. It works to improve skin moisturization by preventing water loss and it is very well-known in skin care.

  • Anhydroxylitol, Xylitol & Maltitol: Well-known sugars used in cosmetics as humectants and moisturizing agents it helps restore and maintain skin's moisture and protects its barrier.

For a bio-inspired sourcing from the sea, in Brittany

Pelvetia Canaliculata is a brown seaweed rich in hygroscopic sugars (Volemitol, Mannitol, Fucose). It can survive 8 days out of water and turn gold and shiny when rehydrated, like beautiful hair.

Pelvetia Canaliculata

In XYLISHINE™ C, Pelvetia's sugars strongly lock moisture within hair to protect it against dehydration and immediately make it shine!


1. XYLISHINE™ C restores the scalp.

Through an in vivo test on 20 men and women volunteers applying a shampoo containing 3% Xylishine™ C or a placebo shampoo for 28 days [Rinse-off application]:

  • Xylishine™ C increases the level of ceramides by 27% in the scalp.

  • Xylishine™ C strengthens the barrier function of the scalp by 42% by maintaining its hydration.

Good to know: CERAMIDES are essential components for the skin and scalp barrier function. They count for approximately 50% of the lipids composing the stratum corneum.

2. XYLISHINE™ C restores the cuticles.

Through an ex vivo test applying a 3% Xylishine™ C solution to healthy and damaged hair by bleaching:

  • Xylishine™ C helps repair the surface appearance of damaged cuticles by 82%.

Xylishine™ C Protection of scalp and cuticles


Through an in vivo test on 2 groups of volunteers with curly or straight hair applying respectively leave-on or shampoo containing 3% Xylishine™ C or placebo:

  • Xylishine™ C increases the shine of all hair types, curly or straight by 7%.

  • Xylishine™ C better defines curls by 16%.

  • Xylishine™ C makes hair softer to the touch by 7%.

Through an ex vivo test in standard and extreme temperature and humidity conditions:

  • Xylishine™ C is also efficient in different climates for visible anti-frizz action and hair volume control.


Compliant with Chinese IECIC and IECSC regulations, XYLISHINE™ C is also COSMOS and Natrue approved, with a naturality rate of 99.7% according to ISO 16128. Preservatives: Sodium benzoate - Sodium citrate


Xylishine™ C is the clean natural active ingredient combining sugars technology, and Pelvetia Canaliculata, a bio-inspired natural algae extract.

The active has proven benefits on reinforcing the scalp barrier, really important for healthy hair. It also has proven benefits on protecting hair fibers by improving the health of cuticles.

This leads to visible results on shine, curl definition and decreases frizz and volume problems in all climates conditions, making it particularly interesting for beautifying all hair types anywhere in the world.