PROTEOL™ APL HEF, a mild amino acid surfactant for foam that cares

February 13, 2024

Amino acids are a successful claim in Beauty Care as the number of new launches containing amino acids in the denomination is constantly growing. Indeed, according to Mintel, in 2022, 1 in 4 hair care and 1 in 5 skin care products contain amino acids or child ingredients. Facial cleansers, shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners are no exception.

In this context, Seppic has developed PROTEOL™ APL HEF (Sodium Cocoyl Apple Amino Acids), a lipoamino acid surfactant, bio-inspired from amino acids characteristic of apple with an unctuous foam!

Ideal for clean beauty concept

PROTEOL™ APL HEF is the perfect choice for all types of cleansing, foaming, transparent and non-fragranced formulas!

• with Butylene Glycol of 100% natural origin


• Suitable for ALKYL ETHER SULFATE-FREE formulas

Naturality of 81.6% (according to the ISO 1628 standard)

• Readily biodegradable (according to OECD 301B)

Wide range of applications: facial cleanser, body & intimate hygiene, hair care, oral care

A bio-inspired surfactant

Did you know that Seppic is an expert in lipoamino acids science? Let's discover the power of PROTEOL™ APL HEF through this expertise! Lipoamino Acid science creates bio-inspired surfactants with high skin & hair compatibility:


  • AMINO ACIDS are the most abundant components (42%) of NMF that play an essential role in maintaining skin moisture

  • Keratin proteins derived from AMINO ACIDS represent about 80% of the human hair composition.

A mild surfactant

PROTEOL™ APL HEF respects the skin's natural barrier. Indeed, we have evaluated its impact on the skin barrier permeability through a TEWL test.

  • PROTEOL™ APL HEF, added at 3% a.m., significantly reduces the TEWL, meaning a LOWER IMPACT on the SKIN BARRIER.

  • It helps to decrease the negative impact of SLES on the skin barrier function & dryness. It is the surfactant partner to bring more gentle cleansing!

On top of that, PROTEOL™ APL HEF has a unique mildness for a wide range of applications: skin, ocular, vaginal, and gingival tolerance.

A High-performing surfactant

PROTEOL™ APL HEF is suitable for added value foaming formulas, thanks to its:

  • High foaming power: it provides an abundant foam, even in extreme conditions, in comparison to SLES

  • Long-lasting foam: it generates small and tight bubbles with a better stability than SLES

  • Thin and dense foam


Don't hesitate to reach out to discover a winning association with PROTEOL™ APL HEF for a highly creamy foam to explore a new sensory experience!

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