NOC: 98 % (ISO 16 128)

Together with hand sanitizer, hand cream is becoming the must have of everybody's handbag ! Customers are looking to reach textures with moisturizing properties to balance skin dryness caused by hand sanitizer use.

“My Iconic Hand Cream” is a rich O/W emulsion containing 30% of emollients, including 20% of shea butter and 10% of EMOGREEN L19. EMOGREEN L19 brings a good gliding which eases the formula application.

This texture shows the robustness of MONTANOV 202 which can emulsify a high content of oil phase. The formula is stabilized by SEPINOV EMT 10 and SOLAGUM AX: SEPINOV EMT 10 stabilizes and texturizes the formula while providing a satin touch; SOLAGUM AX stabilizes it and contribute to the creation of a protective film on the skin.

The formula offers real moisturizing benefits thanks to MONTANOV 202 and AQUAXYL.