AS40093A - My Iconic Hand Cream

A moisturizing, white cream that hydrates dry skin for soft, supple hands


This hand cream is an excellent skin moisturizer and protector thanks to EMOGREEN™ L19 and 20% SHEA BUTTER. It will repair even the most damaged hands.


  • Deeply moisturizing
  • Repairing
  • 30% emollients

Key Ingredients

MONTANOV™ 202 is a glycolipidic emulsifier. It promotes liquid crystals, playing a role in maintaining skin moisturization over time. It delivers a light and evanescent skin feel.
SEPINOV™ EMT 10 stabilizes the high percentage of oily phase (30%).
SOLAGUM™ AX, gum from natural origin, stabilizes the emulsion and leaves a non-sticky finish.
EMOGREEN™ L19 bio-sourced & biodegradable emollient, facilitates the application of the hand cream by bringing gliding & good playtime.
AQUAXYL™ moisturizes and restructures the skin by harmonizing the hydric flow of the skin.
KARITE CP** cold pressed and solvent-free shea butter.


Phase Ingredients %
A Aqua/Water Up to 100%
Glycerin 3.00%
1,3-Butylene Glycol 3.00%
B MONTANOV 202 4.00%
KARITE CP** 20.00%
EMOGREEN L19 10.00%
C SEPINOV EMT 10 0.70%
Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract 0.20%
Phenoxyethanol - Ehtylhexylglycerin 0.70%
Ethylhexyglycerin - Caprylyl Glycol 0.30%
Fragrance 0.20%


Silverson Rotor-Strator

Weigh phase A and B and heat them to 85°C. Add phase C to B, and then add phase A to phase (B+C), homogenize it by Silverson rotor-stator 4000 rpm for 4 minutes. Cool down under anchor stirring 100 rpm without water bath for 10 minutes and followed with water bath cooling for another 10 minutes. Add phase D one by one below 45°C and stir till uniform. Stop stirring at 30°C.


Aspect: White cream
Packaging: Jar
pH: 5.8
VISCOSITIES: 1M at RT: 132 000 mPa.s Brookfield LV4-6
Recover at RT (after 1M at 45C): 126 000 mPa.s Brookfield LV4-6
STABILITY: M1 at RT, 45°C, -18°C and cycles -5°C/+40°C.

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