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US20131A - Boosting Water Cream

This water cream provides a water-burst of moisture, absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft and replenished. A lightweight gel filled with the moisturizing power of a cream!

This water cream leaves your skin “Chok Chok”: super moisturized but not oily or sticky.

Product description

A bright and smooth water cream that provides a water-burst of moisture, absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft and replenished.

Product Benefits

  • Boost the water content within the skin
  • Reinforces the skin barrier
  • Improves the dry skin aspect

Ingredient Focus

SEPINOV™ EMT 10 stabilizes the formula and gives this watery texture.
MONTANOV™ 202, green emulsifier, creates a lamellar emulsion that reinforces skin barrier.
EMOGREEN™ L19: green emollient restoring the skin barrier of very dry skins, for skin comfort and softness.
AQUAXYL™: a combination of natural plant sugars boosting skin hydration.
CERAMOSIDES™ HP: biomimetic phytoceramides reinforcing the skin barrier.

US20131A - Boosting Water Cream


Phase Name %
A EMOGREEN ™ L19 15.10
Aqua/Water 55.50
DUB DIOL* 25.00
B MONTANOV™ 202 3.00
EMOGREEN™ L19 6.00
C SEPINOV™ EMT 10 1.00
D Phenoxyethanol-Ethylhexylglycerin 1.00
E Aqua/Water 5.00
F Fragrance 0.30


Bright Smooth Cream
Packaging: JAR pH: 5.58
VISCOSITIES: D7 at RT: 77,171 cps Brookfield LVT 96 @6 rpm.
Recovery at RT (after 1M at 45°C): In-progress
F/T passed 3 Cycles -5°/40°C ; RT and 45°C: In-progress


Heat phase A and phase B to 85°C separately; Then while maintaining temperature at 85°C, disperse phase C into Phase B and mix well. Combine phase A and (B+C) together and homogenize for 4 minutes at 4,000 rpm. Add phase D during homogenization. Begin cooling down while mixing with an anchor propeller at 75-100 rpm. At 50°C add premixed of phase E, then at 35°C add phase F. Continue cooling to ambient temperature.

*Stearinerie Dubois’s product distributed by SEPPIC Inc in the US For other locations, contact Stearinerie Dubois: