EU07340 - Urban Detox Dry Cleanser

A transparent micellar water removing daily accumulation of pollution residue.

NOMADE formula: leave-on cleansing foam removes daily accumulation of pollution residue.

Key Ingredients

  • ORAMIX™ CG 110 was selected because it provides sufficient foam for sufficient cleaning, without whitening upon application. It leaves skin soft and non-sticky.
  • AQUAXYL™ softens the foam, without addition of co-surfactant.

The skin is cleansed, hydrated and detoxified in one step with a trio of ingredients:

  • AQUAXYL™ optimizes the skin’s water balance.
  • FLUIDIPURE™ 8G cleanses the skin and limits sebum production. Limits the use of preservatives.
  • SEPITONIC™ M3 boosts the skin’s oxygenation while protecting it from oxidative stress (1% SEPITONIC™ allows transparent formula).