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EU07410A - Minimalist Oxygenating Serum

A white sprayable cream-gel that offers protections against environmental aggressions with a nude skin feel.

Be simple and elegant, let your skin breathe!


An oxygenating, minimalist skin care with a nude skin feel to protect your skin from outside aggressions.


  • Protection against external aggressions
  • Minimalistic formula
  • Skin oxygenation

Key Ingredients

SEPILIFE™ NUDE thickens, emulsifies and stabilizes the cream gel through cold process.
SEPITONIC™ M3.0 oxygenates the skin cells and protects the skin from pollution, stress, and aging mechanisms.
DUB VCI 10* light ester increases spreadability and leaves the skin with a velvety soft feel.
DUB DNPG* is a cyclomethicone alternative, perfect for sprayable application, and brings a light and silky feeling to the skin.


Phase Ingredient %
A Aqua/Water Up to 100%
DUB VCI 10* 4.00%
DUB DNPG* 4.00%
C SEPITONIC™ M3.0 1.00%
Phenoxyethanol - Ethylhexylglycerin 0.50%
Phenylpropanol - Propanediol - Caprylyl Glycol - Tocopherol 0.50%
Fragrance 0.10%
Lactic Acid Up to pH


Becomix - 6kg

Weigh the water and put it in the tank.
Mix with a spatula the ingredients of phase B in a beaker. Then add phase B into the tank.
Homogenize (0,7 m/s, 10 minutes). Scrape down the side of the tank and homogenize.
Break the vacuum and add one by one ingredients of phase C.
Homogenize. Adjust to pH 5.5.


Aspect: White Sprayable Cream Gel
Packaging: Spray
pH: 5.5
VISCOSITIES: 1M at RT: 10 000 mPa.s Brookfield S3S6
Recovery at RT (after 1M at 45°C): 14 100 mPa.s Brookfield S3S6
STABILITY: 1M at RT and at 45°C

*Stearinerie Dubois’s product distributed by SEPPIC Inc in the US For other locations, contact Stearinerie Dubois: