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EU07737 - My Daily Restorative Serum

A dose of freshness for a revitalized skin!

An effective anti-aging formula that restores softness and youth to your face. With this serum your face will be moisturized and rejuvenated!


A dose of freshness for a revitalized skin!


Anti-ageing Restorative effect Soft and velvety

Key Ingredients

MONTANOV™ 202 texturizes and stabilizes the oily phase while helping cleansing during rinse off. (Arachidyl Alcohol and Behenyl Alcohol and Arachidyl Glucoside) Glucolipid emulsifier of plant origin made in France. Liquid crystal promoter, it allows to create very stable biomimetic textures, providing long-lasting hydration and an immediate restructuring effect for a smoother skin texture. COSMOS and NATRUE approved. Readily biodegradable : 67% in 28 days*

AQUAXYL™ moisturizes and restructures the skin (xylitylglucoside & anhydroxylitol & xylitollorem) by harmonizing the hydric flow of the skin. Water reserves are instantly boosted, water circulation is improved in all skin layers and water loss is reduced (in vitro and in vivo tests prove this efficacy). Its mechanism of action has been validated by cosmetogenomics. Cosmos and Natrue approved.

A fresh and gliding touch with a soft afterfeel thanks to EMOGREEN™L19 (C15-C19 Alkane), a non polar and biodegradable, bio-sourced emollient. It’s THE alternative to silicone oils. This high purity vegetable alkane is conformed to Cosmos and Natrue. Inert and stable, it can be used in all types of applications, even in extreme conditions (pH, oxidizing/reducing media…)

An anti-ageing effect with JUVENESSENCE™ (Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride/Algae Extract), an oily active from a brown alga to enhance skin youth. It acts to downregulate progerin production in aging cells and to preserve the skin tissues from accelerated aging (in vivo study

SEPIFINE™ BB brings a soft skin finish. (Amylopectin) a natural texturizing powder, ethically sourced, coming from babassu nuts exclusively sourced in Brazil. This biodegradable powder provides a soft and velvety skin finish while creating a pleasant playtime and matt effect.

SEPILIFE™ G305 stabilizes and texturizes the cream gel without emulsifier (Acrylamide/Sodium Acryloyldimethyltaurate Copolymer and C15-19 Alkane and Polyglyceryl-10 Laurate and Polyglycerin-10). It is an upgraded iconic Sepigel 305 with 62.5% of natural origin content according to ISO 16128. It is inherently biodegradable: 44% in 28 days*. Pre-neutralized liquid polymeric thickener on a wide range of pH (3-12), it presents similar high performance and sensoriel to that of Sepigel 305.


Laboratory scale - Rayneri with defloculator Mix the Sepilife with the oils of phase B, add under deflocculating agitation in the water. When the cream gel is homogeneous, add the other ingredients of phase C. Adjust pH 5 if necessary.


Aspect: White cream gel Packaging: Pump pH: 4.9 VISCOSITIES:D7 at RT:8000 mPa.s Brookfield M3V6 STABILITY: D7 at RT, 45°C

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