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EU07770 - Pro-Age Biotech Cellular Care

A rich and comfortable cream for mature skin meant to be applied every day as an anti-aging treatment!


This anti-aging treatment is composed of three complex active ingredients obtained through cellular biotechnology. Their biodiversity benefits fit perfectly with this high natural rich cream. A concentration of technology for your skin!


  • Rich and shiny
  • Emulsion cellular biotechnologies
  • Anti-aging skincare

Key Ingredients

MONTANOV™ 68 MB and MONTANOV™ 202 are the essential combination of the two natural O/W emulsifiers that provide liquid crystal stabilization and moisturizing benefits by strengthening the skin barrier function.

EMOGREEN™ L19 offers a non greasy, powdery skin feel following application.

EMOGREEN™ HP 40 a non polar and inherently biodegradable, bio-sourced emollient. A sustainable alternative to viscous silicones in formulation with a versatile texturing ingredient with silky protective effect.

SEPINOV™ WEO an ethylene Oxide free (EO free) powder polymer with three key performances: an excellent emulsifier/stabilizer, excellent thickener, and electrolyte resistance in the pH range 3-12. It has a satin and light sensory profile and is easy to disperse in cold process. It is a universal, EO (ethylene oxide)-free, thickening-stabilizing-texturizing polymer in the form of a concentrated powder. It is to be used to formulate hand sanitizer. Not concerned by microplastics.

This anti-aging treatment is composed of a complex of three active ingredients obtained through cellular biotechnology:

EPHEMER™ reinforces the skin’s natural antioxidant ability for skin smoothing benefits. It is extracted from the gametophyte cells of Undaria pinnatifida algae, highly concentrated in antioxidants to protect itself while in unicellular form. EPHEMER™ has clinically shown to provide a strong immediate (after 1h) and long lasting antioxidant effect (1 month) to the skin and protects mitochondrial DNA for skin smoothing benefits.

CELTOSOME™ Eryngium Maritimum is a plant cell technology. An exclusive marine plant stem cell culture designed to help boost the regeneration of aging skin. Its specific activity targeting the Epidermal-Dermal Junction helps increase elastin and collagen synthesis and regulate epidermis renewal for a plumped, firmed, more radiant looking skin. This all natural ingredient in powder form is 100% active, solvent and preservative free.

CELTOSOME™ Crithmum Maritimum is an exclusive Sea Fennel stem cell culture with specific skin lightening and wound healing properties. It helps inhibit all major steps of the melanogenesis process, regulate inflammation, increase cell renewal along with the synthesis of collagen, proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans. The skin is smoother, more radiant and its tone more even. This all natural ingredient in powder form is 100% active, solvent and preservative free.


Laboratory scale - 200 g Weigh phase B in a beaker, heat to 85°C in a water bath. Heat the water in the kettle and weigh it into another beaker. Add the glycerine and mix with a spatula. Add phase B' to phase B just before emulsification, mix with a spatula. Pour phase A in one go into phase B, emulsify 8 min at 4000 rpm under Silverson. Cool twice for 10 min (without and with a cold water bath) at 100 rpm with a Heidolph equipped with a pale anchor. After 2 minutes under the cold water bath, add the ingredients of phase C one by one and homogenize.


Aspect: White Viscous Cream

Packaging: Jar

pH: 5.6

VISCOSITIES: 1M at RT: 165000cps Brookfield RV M7 V5.

Recovery at RT (after 1M at 45°C): 205000 cps Brookfield RV M7 V5.

STABILITY: 1M at RT, 45°C, 3 F/T cycles -5°C/+40°C.

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