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EU07746 - Precious Hair Oil

A yellow liquid to nourish and improve hair appearance with a velvety after-feel.


This non greasy oil improves hair appearance and manageability with a velvety after-feel.


  • Nourishing oil with a velvety after-feel
  • Nutrition and moisturisation for defined curls

Key Ingredients

Brings comfort & curl definition to the hair with EMOGREEN™ HP 40.
A nice dry oil with DUB 810 C*, a highly spreadable natural emollient!
Organic Deodorized Coconut Oil** has superior affinity with hair proteins, for superior moisturization and reparation
Organic Virgin Jojoba Oil** helps coating the hair for nourishment and protection
Efficacy for your scalp and hair with SEA SATIN™


Phase Ingredient %
A DUB 810 C* 48,60%
EMOGREEN™ HP 40 5.00%
Limnanthes alba (meadowfoam) seed oil 5.00%
Organic Deodorized Coconut Oil** 20.00%
Organic Virgin Jojoba Oil** 20.00%
Fragrance 0.20%
Tocopherol 0.20%
SEA SATIN™ 1.00%


Pilot - 4000g -Trimix Rotor stator

Weigh and stir slowly phase A during 3min.
Weigh phase B ang homogeneize.
Add phase B to phase A under rotor-stator and stir for 5 min at 3000 rpm until the obtention of an homogeneous cream.
Add one by one phase C ingredients under slow agitation, then phase D ingredients one by one.
Adjust pH between 4.7 and 5.2 with lactic acid.
Stir under rotor stator 3 min at 3000 rpm.


Aspect: Fluid white cream
Packaging: Pump bottle
pH: 5.0
VISCOSITIES: at RT: 25,900 mPa.s Brookfield LV4-6

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*Stearinerie Dubois’s product distributed by SEPPIC Inc in the US.
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** Sophim’s product distributed by SEPPIC Inc in North America.
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