US20103 - Gelato Body Cream

A unique gelato texture cream, lightweight with light skin feel to nourish hte body without greasiness.

Key ingredients

Natural emulsifier MONTANOV™ 202 promotes liquid crystals, which bring emulsion stability, strengthen the lipid barrier, and provide water reserves for immediate and long lasting moisturization. The combination with SOLAGUM™ AX, Phytowax Olive 12L44 and Lanol P yields a very rich, buttery cream with a unique, gelato-like texture.

Emogreen™ L19 brings a fresh and unique gliding sensation with a soft afterfeel.

Aquaxyl ™ association of natural sugars, moisturizes the skin while KALPARIANE™, a seaweed extract, boost firmness and energy. The skin is visibly smoother and revitalized.

*Stearinerie Dubois’s product distributed by SEPPIC Inc in the US For other locations, contact Stearinerie Dubois: