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US20124 - Hug Me Cream

Not feeling well and need consoling? Wrap yourself in this thick and creamy texture, enveloping the skin during application.

Product description

A thick and creamy texture, enveloping the skin during application.
Pick a handful of the cream, and apply generously on your body and face.


Product Benefits

  • Well-being enhancement
  • Skin barrier repair
  • Moisturizing

Ingredient Focus

MONTANOV™ 202 makes thick emulsions with a light skin feel and forms liquid crystals that will strengthen the lipid barrier.
The combination with Sepiplus™ 400 makes a perfect emulsifying base to give a smooth and creamy texture cream.

DUB CIRE H1* helps to reach a thick and rich texture with a nice skin feel, at low cost.

Emogreen™ L19 gives a refreshing and gliding sensation with a soft afterfeel while Dub Estoline®️* provides a skin barrier effect.

Aquaxyl™ and glycerin combination works synergistically to provide long lasting moisturization.



Phase Ingredient %
A Water 68.45%
Ceramosides™ HP 0.35%
Glycerin 3.00%
Aquaxyl™ 1.50%
Benzyl Alcohol (and) Benzoic Acid (and) Dehydroacetic Acid (and) Tocopherol 1.00%
B MONTANOV™ 202 2.50%
EMOGREEN™ L19 10.00%
DUB CIRE H1 6.00%
C SEPIPLUS™ 400 2.00%
E Fragrance 0.20%


Thick and creamy emulsion
Packaging: JAR
pH: 4.25
VISCOSITIES: D7 at RT: 459 e3 Brookfield LV spindle 96 @ 2 rpm
Recovery at RT (after 1M at 45°C): 416 e3 Brookfield LV spindle 96 @ 2 rpm
STABILITY: Passed F/T 3 cycles -5/40C and 3 months at 45C & RT


Combine phase A and heat separately to 85C. Disperse phase C into phase B and mix well.Combine phase A and BC together and homogenize for 4 minutes at 4,000 rpm. Cool to 40 C and add phase D. Check and adjust pH to 5-5.5.

*Stearinerie Dubois’s product distributed by SEPPIC Inc in the US For other locations, contact Stearinerie Dubois: