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US20162A - Knot Anymore! Detangling Spray

A light, fine milky spray with conditioning and nourishing properties!

A leave-on milk with conditioning effect for easy combing and hair nourishment.


A very fine and light sprayable white milk with conditioning an dnourishing properties for easy combing and a protective effect on the hair.


  • Easy combing
  • Hair smoothing
  • Nourishing

Key Ingredients

XYLISHINE™ is an active ingredient rich in natural sugars from seaweeds and plants for shiny, volume and defined curls.
SIMULQUAT™ HC 305 is a cationic liquid polymer providing a silicone-like feel and conditioning effect.
EMOGREEN™ L15 is an alternative to volatile silicone oils, providing instant conditioning, shine, eases combing and smoothes the cuticles.
KARITE ON** Shea Olein - or shea oil- softens the hair and is easy to use in this fluid formulation.
SEPICAP™ MP a thermo-activated active that protects keratin and hair lipids while smoothing the cuticles and boosting hair roots.
INULA HC renews the hair protective lipidic barrier and improves combing, shine and hair color.


Phase Ingredient %
A Water 81.40%
B Glycerin 1.50%
D SIMULQUAT™ HC 305 2.50%
EMOGREEN™ L15 5.00%
KARITE ON** 3.00%
INULA HC 1.00%
E Phenylpropanol - Propanediol - Caprylyl glycol - Tocopherol 1.00%
F Fragrance "Magic Berry" 0.50%
Citric acid 30% solution pH to 5.0 0.10%


Laboratory scale - 300g batch

Premix phase B ingredients and add to phase A and mix well , then add phace C while mixing. Add phase D ingredients to phase (ABC) while homogenizing at 5000 rpm for 5 minutes. During homogenization add phase E and then phase F ingredients. Then adjust the PH to 5.0 with citric acid solution.


Aspect: White sprayable fluid
Packaging: Spray
pH: 5.0
VISCOSITIES: 1M at RT: 1400 cps Brookfield LV spindle 62@ 12rpm Recovery at RT (after 1M at 45°C): 2010 cps Brookfield LV spindle 62@ 12rpm STABILITY: Passed 3 months at RT 45°C, 3F/T cycles -5°C/+40°C.

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