Clean solubilizers for your fragrances!

October 14, 2020

Did you know that for consumers, perfume is the # 1 purchasing factor? [1]

Fragrances are added in beauty products to provide a pleasant smell (also by hiding other ingredients odors). They can also be an integral part of the product, when the smell suggests the benefits (a fresh scent in cleaning products or in oral care), or even the main purpose of a product (when the goal is to perfume ourselves with it).

Challenge: solubilizing fragrances with clean solubilizers

It is often tricky to incorporate oily fragrances into the water phase without using polysorbates, ethoxylated ingredients.

Thanks to Seppic’s plant-based chemistry expertise, here are two plant derived solubilizers with a natural origin content of 100%! [2]


SEPICLEAR™ G7 is a powerful concentrated non-ionic solubilizer with no foaming properties.
100% bio-based solubilizer, produced from sugar and castor oil fatty alcohols.

INCI: Heptyl glucoside

Castor oil

Key properties:

  • Excellent solubilizer without heating*
  • Imperceptible to the smell
  • Non foaming surfactant (CMC 8.2 g/l)

Also available for household: grade SIMULSOL™ SL 7 G (opens new window)

Clean & Green: GMO free, Palm free, COSMOS approved, readily biodegradable
Non-ethoxylated and PEG free.
NOC:100% **


ORAMIX™ CG 110 is a non-ionic polyvalent surfactant/solubilizer obtained from renewable raw materials: fatty alcohols and glucose from plants.

INCI: Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside

Sustainable palm

Key properties:

  • Ideal for the solubilization of essential oils, fragrances and cationic surfactants*
  • Gentle cleansing agent
  • Provides a fine and abundant foam (From ≈2%, CMC 1.7 g/l)

Clean & Green: GMO free, RSPO Mass Balance certified, Comos approved and readily biodegradable. Non-ethoxylated and PEG free. NOC:100% ** China compliant

*Solubilizing powers of SEPICLEAR™ G7 & ORAMIX™ CG 110 for essential oils, fragrances and aromatic products available upon request!

** According to ISO 16128

Looking for inspiring formulations?

Here are few suggestions:
Formula EU07340 (opens new window) URBAN DETOX DRY CLEANSER
Formula EU07419 (opens new window) SOOTHING ROSE WATER
Formula EU07418 (opens new window) TEXTURIZED LEMON WATER

Enhance your fragrance intensity and lasting power with GELTRAP™!

To offer an alternative to traditional alcoholic sprays, fragrance applications are diversifying: perfume roll-ons, sticks, balms, gels, wipes, and even jelly cushions.

Multiple benefits: Convenience during application, avoiding skin dryness due to alcohol, and sometimes new formats can even increase the olfactive intensity.

That is what we see with our GELTRAP™ Gel-in-oil technology (opens new window) with EASYNOV™: when using 10% fragrance inside this cream, the olfactive intensity was higher, immediately and 5 hours after application, than the regular hydroalcoholic perfume format.

Discover the formula EU07536 here (opens new window).

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Reference: [1] Fragrance Trends in Cosmetics - KDH Concepts