Perfect products for the holiday season

December 16, 2020

As the temperature begins to drop and the snow begins to fall, our skin becomes dry and cracked, but that shouldn’t stop the celebrations! Let’s look at the best products to keep your skin nourished and you looking your best all throughout the holidays!

To keep your skin nourished and silky smooth...

Hands Care

Who doesn’t want soft, smooth skin all year round?

The Intense Repairing Balm US20081B (opens new window) is a thick and bouncy cream that offers intense nourishment to fend off the harsh effects of winter. Thanks to the squalane in PHYTOSQUALAN and SIMULGEL™ NS the skin is reinforced to withstand the cold. As for the intense nourishment, that's because of the DUB APRILOSE+ which keeps your skin soft, supple, and smooth.

During those cold winter nights, the Hug Me Cream US20124 (opens new window) will make anyone feel cozy and safe because of DUB CIRE H1, which gives it its thick and rich texture (and cost effective!). MONTANOV™ 202 and CERAMOSIDES™ HP strengthen the skin and restore its barrier to protect against the next colds days to come.

To be holiday ready…


Now that dry, cracked skin is no longer a concern, it’s time to get ready for the celebrations!

Decorating for the holidays are all about the lights, so why should it be any different to dressing up for the holidays? Illuminate your eyes with thousands of golden lights with the Fresh Illuminating Eye Shadow LA60038 (opens new window). With a soft, velvet finish created by SEPIFINE™ BB while SIMULGEL™ I-NS 100 stabilizes 20% of glitters to give you a perfect amount of sparkle for the holidays.

Blemishes and redness from the cold windy air? What about eye bags and dark circles from long nights of preparing for the holiday? The color correcting stick US20114 (opens new window) offers an all around camouflage for all of the above. The ANTILEUKINE 6™ and EMOGREEN™ L19 will keep your eyes smooth and bright throughout the night! A must have for all your late night events.

To reverse the damage of the night before…

After Party

Just because the holiday is over doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t need you!

With the night’s celebration over, it's time to get in some pajamas, take off your bra, and take off your makeup. The Geltrap™ Makeup Remover EU07417 (opens new window) offers a gentle and efficient way to take off any makeup that survived the night. With EASYNOV™ and SEPIPLUS™ 400, enjoy the easy removal of makeup with a unique gel-in-oil texture that’s fresh and cushion.

Stay refreshed the day after with the Refresh and Detox Body Spray US20132 (opens new window). Not only does it reduce body odor thanks to the FLUIDIPURE™ 8G, but it detoxifies and energizes with BIOPLASMA™ FA and NATIVE ESSENCE™. A body spray to make you smell good and feel good.

With these perfect holiday products your skin will feel soft, hydrated and you will feel beautiful all winter long! Happy holidays!

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