Walk Through Winter with No Dry Skin

January 13, 2021

Whether you love the winter or hate it, one thing is for sure, NO ONE likes the cracked skin that comes with the cold, dry weather that winter brings. And the thing is, there are so many factors that contribute to the dry skin we all dread!! Here’s what to look for and our favorite products that prepare you for the long winter ahead!


To reinforce...

Want to prepare yourself for the cold to come? We know how to help!

Before the temperatures begin to drop, look to include ingredients in your skincare routine that strengthen the barrier of your skin so that you’re ahead of the game! Going into the colder weather with skin that is already sufficiently hydrated and moisturized means your chance of suffering from cracked skin is virtually zero! The first ingredient to look out for is MONTANOV™ 202. MONTANOV™ 202 is a natural emulsifier that not only creates ultra white and light emulsions, but also strengthens the skin’s lipid barrier, the barrier that keeps moisture in! It provides a Liquid Crystal system that is ideal in the fight against drying skin!

If you're looking for more intense hydration, AQUAXYL™ is going to be your staple in your skincare routine this winter! AQUAXYL™ in synergy with glycerin deeply hydrates the hands and body.It decreases water loss by reinforcing the skin barrier and increases water circulation in all layers of the skin. What better way to hydrate and moisturize than with an ingredient that restructures your skin through boosting its water reserves? AQUAXYL™ is the perfect ingredient to prepare for the cold weather coming!

Face Cream

There are so many products that moisturize your skin with MONTANOV™ 202 and AQUAXYL™, but here are a few of our favorites that reinforce the skin barrier and get you ready for winter:

EU07540 (opens new window) Hand & Body Nourishing Balm

This balm is made of a hydrating and soothing formula, created with COSMOS approved ingredients! It helps to boost the skin’s barrier without an oily texture! Thanks to MONTANOV™ 202 and MONTANOV™ 68 MB, this balm has a rich and creamy texture that contributes to skin moisturization over time. Perfect preparation!

US20124 (opens new window) Hug Me Cream

Wrap yourself in this thick creamy texture! It was literally created to enhance your wellbeing and repair the skin barrier. It even envelopes the skin during application. With both AQUAXYL™ and MONTANOV™ 202 moisturizing components, your skin is deeply moisturized to bring its best fight against dry skin!


To repair...

Skin already suffering from the cold? Not to worry! Here is our favorite ingredient to reverse the damage before anyone will ever know 😉

Once the damage is done, all we can do is heal! The repairing effect of TECA™ has been proven with in vivo testing on impaired skin versus placebo. With TECA™, inflammation of the epidermis disappeared 10 days BEFORE placebo! It is an emblematic blend of active ingredients extracted from Centella Asiatica that restores and soothes cracked, dry skin.

With TECA™ being such an effective ingredient, there are plenty of product options that are made to bring dry skin back to its healthy, hydrated self!

EU07611 (opens new window) Repair & Soothe Cica Cream

A cream inspired by the ancestral use of Centella Asiatica in traditional asian medicine, this emulsion repairs and soothes delicate, damaged skin. Perfect for anyone that needs a little extra help restoring moisturization!

Skin variation

US20105 (opens new window) Cica Stick

Dryness comes in many different variations. For those that only need spot coverage, this stick is perfect for you! Without perfume or animal derivatives, the Cica Stick is the ally of dry, sensitive skin. Thanks to TECA™, this off-white, creamy stick is exactly what you need for those pesky dry patches!

US20081B (opens new window) Intense Repairing Balm

Need something with a little more? Look no further! This intensely hydrating balm is created with TECA™ to repair damage, but it also helps to diminish stretch marks! The perfect pair of benefits to keep your skin deeply nourished, while also correcting stretch marks in time for the cold weather to end!

With these amazing ingredients and moisturizing products, the cold weather doesn’t stand a chance. Now you can walk through winter without a worry!