MONTANOV™ 202: A biomimetic green emulsifier

January 22, 2021

MONTANOV™ 202 is an ingredient that I’m sure you’ve seen in a lot of our formulas. Want to learn how to make emulsions with MONTANOV™ 202 and learn why it’s worth learning about? Keep reading!

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Why it’s so special

Not only is MONTANOV™ 202 eco-friendly but it is a clean emulsifier made of 100% natural origin content. MONTANOV™ 202 is made of sugar, specifically glucose from wheat or corn, and fatty alcohols taken from rapeseeds or mustard seeds. It is also biodegradable - great for the growing trends in the market focused around naturality and sustainability😉

In the lab, MONTANOV™ 202 stabilizes and creates ultra-white formulations that range from fluids to creams. It offers glossy emulsions with lamellar structures which offer hydration and continuously strengthen the skin’s lipid barrier.

On the technical side of MONTANOV™ 202:

  • pH range: 3 - 10
  • Use level: 1 - 5%
  • China compliant
  • Excellent compatibility with H2O2 & pigments

On the skin, MONTANOV™ 202 forms liquid crystals in the emulsion that are similar to skin lipids. New test results (opens new window) present these effects through X-rays micro-diffraction on the skin lipids. In vivo results showed that MONTANOV™ 202 provides long-lasting moisturization and smoothing effects on the skin. It creates a soft and light skin feel with a matte finish. Now, let’s talk about how to create some amazing formulations!

How to create the emulsions

MONTANOV™ 202 can be used in a variety of applications from skincare to suncare; it creates endless textures all the way from milks, to butters. Alright enough background, let’s begin. Zoom in on the following image to follow step by step!

Montanov How To

*Quick tips: Combine with MONTANOV™ 68 MB for a richer skin feel, or with SENSANOV™ WR for a more powdery skin feel and water resistance.

Products created with MONTANOV™ 202:


US20109 (opens new window) - Body Butter Targeted Treatment This body butter is perfect for skin moisturization and comfort during application when dry skin gets the best of us! MONTANOV™ 202 creates a long lasting moisturization effect.


EU07540 (opens new window) - Hand & Body Nourishing Balm

A hydrating and soothing balm created with COSMOS approved ingredients. MONTANOV™ 202 and MONTANOV™ 68 create a rich texture that moisturize dry skin over time.


US20131A (opens new window) - Boosting Water Cream This water cream absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft and replenished. A lightweight gel filled with the moisturizing power of a cream! MONTANOV™ 202 creates a lamellar emulsion that reinforces the skin barrier.

Now you know how to use MONTANOV™ 202 in your formulations and you know how to make emulsions! Happy formulating!

Want to try it out yourself? Ask us for a sample in the chat!