NEW Emulsifying Technique with FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY!

June 29, 2023

The cold processable natural emulsifier for fluid to thick sensorial formulations!

A natural cold processable emulsifier

From VEGETABLE origin Developed following GREEN CHEMISTRY principles 100% Natural Origin Content (according to ISO 16128) Low impact formulation process: Time and energy saving COSMOS & NaTrue approved Covered by a MassBalance RSPO certificate*


A Sensorial Emulsifier

FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY gives very white finished products with a comfortable feeling of emollience during application without being heavy. It will leave the skin feeling almost naked, with a very light and soft afterfeel.

A Reliable Emulsifier

FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY emulsifies all types of OILS (polar/non-polar): up to 60% of oil phase with co-stabilizer.


• HIGHLY RESISTANT to electrolytes (tested with various concentrations of NaCl and different active ingredients).

• Compatible with a lot of active ingredients, ethanol, hydrophilic pigments, fragrances, preservatives and sun filters.


FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY is sprayable with the ability to stabilize efficiently low and very low viscosity formulations. It makes all the fluid formulas easy to create (serum, lotion, mask, wipes, spray...).


Combine FLUIDIFEEL™ EASY with polymers to obtain elegant cream with a naked skin effect.

Suitable for Multiple Applications


Formulation Examples


EU07537A - Perfuming Body Mist

Perfuming Body Mist is the new multifunctional daily gesture. This handy product is ideal to perfume your body without alcoholic base!

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Skin care:

US20194 - Quick Break Serum

This high oil load cream like texture breaks down fast during application. The perfect product to leave the skin feeling light and silky!

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Sun care:

US20121B - Golden Glow: Safe Tanning Sunscreen

A fun and sparkly melanin boosting sun care cream!

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EU07610 - Insta Shield Foundation

This multi-protective foundation prevents the exposome effects and offers a second skin like & light texture for a natural digital look!

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Hair care:

US20203 - “Root-to-Tip” Ultimate Shampoo

A nourishing shampoo that will work on the three levels of the hair: scalp, mid-length, and tips for an ultimate shower experience. Taking haircare to the next level!

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EU07482A - Hiking Pocket Shower

A soft sprayable emulsion and an all new cleansing! No water, no problem! This spray offers a fast and practical solution to bring everywhere!

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