Seppic launches its new active ingredient: SAGACIOUS™!

June 20, 2023

SAGACIOUS™ is a biomimetic active ingredient, inspired by plants' behavior in space that synthesized molecules in glycolipids family to maintain their integrity. Seppic reached to extract this molecular family from Himanthalia elongata thanks to an eco-designed process called "Coeur d'algue", providing proven benefits in anti-sagging (skin firmness and marked nasogenian folds).

The skin is:

Significantly 8 times firmer.

With a 7.1% decrease of visible nasogenian folds.

Firmer, close to the value of a fibroblast 28 years younger

Himanthalia Elongata

A powerful algae

Himanthalia elongata

Himanthalia elongata, also called sea bean, is particularly well known because it is edible (delicious crunchy with a fine iodized flavor) and very rich in vitamin C (5x > orange). It grows in a rough ecosystem exposed to waves and currents. It is collected at low tide from late spring to summer to maximize the presence of active molecules.

"Coeur d'algue"

At the heart of the activity

Nowadays, the marine active market is overwhelmed by polysaccharides. Seppic's objective is to propose a marine ingredient with a specific phytochemical signature, quantified in glycolipids.

Coeur d'algue

"Coeur d'algue" eco-process is designed by Seppic to obtain the heart of algae, a concentrate of active molecules, 7 times more than the historical approach, in a minimum of steps.


Seppic Pontrieux is UEBT member and ensures:

To take into account the impact of seaweeds and plants sourcing activities on the social, environmental and economic issues.

Our supplier follows the recommendations of the Guide to Good Harvesting Practices for Shoreline Seaweed.

After a one year study with Station Biologique de Roscoff, we can conclude on no impact of the collection of Himanthalia elongata on biodiversity and a positive regeneration.

In a few words

Natural active ingredient from Himanthalia elongata, an edible brown seaweed, certified organic.

Eco-designed active thanks to a patented process that isolates, for the first time, the glycolipids of the seaweed in a minimum of steps.

Collected and designed in France with a scientific collaboration to monitor the environmental impact of seaweed harvest.

Regulates clinical sagging effect by improving traction forces of fibroblasts.

Claims for finished products

Reduces sagging on the lower part of the face.

Reduces nasogenian folds, vertical wrinkles.

Improves and restores firmness of the skin.

Fights against effects of gravity on the skin.

Decreases signs of tired and stressed skin.

Inspirational Formula


A natural daily face care serum to reduce skin sagging. Re-discover skin firmness!


EU07758 Clever Lifting Serum (opens new window)

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