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EU07769 - Spa Mask with Seaweed

Infuse Chondrus Crispus flakes into this COSMOS mask and leave it on!


Mix it with Chondrus crispus flakes so that its minerals are diffused. Then apply generously to your skin. Cosmos Gentle Natural Mask!


  • Deep skin hydration
  • Skin radiance
  • Fresh and satin skin feel

Key Ingredients

EMOGREEN™ L15 (C15-19 Alkane (Plant-based & Renewable) A vegetable-based, non-polar, biodegradable emollient. It is THE alternative to volatile silicone oils.

LANOL 2681 (Coco-Caprylate/ Caprate) Emollient agent of vegetable origin. Polar ester with a soft and light touch, non-greasy medium playtime finish.

MONTANOV™ 202 (Arachidyl Alcohol and Behenyl Alcohol and Arachidyl Glucoside) Glucolipid emulsifier of plant origin made in France. A liquid crystal promoter, it allows the creation of very stable biomimetic textures, offering long-lasting hydration and a smoother skin texture.

SOLAGUM AX™ (Acacia Senegal Gum and Xanthan Gum) An intelligent combination of natural thickening polymers. SOLAGUM™ AX also offers a better stabilising effect than xanthan gum while ensuring easy spreading.

SOLAGUM TARA™ (Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum) A powerful natural thickening gum from the endemic Andean seeds of Caesalpinia spinosa. Synergistic efficiency with synthetic and natural polymers.

SEPIFINE™ BB (Amylopectin) ​A natural, ethically grown texturising powder from the babassu nut exclusively sourced in Brazil. This biodegradable powder gives the skin a soft, velvety finish while creating a pleasantly playful, matte effect.

TALADVANCE™ (Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum) An ingredient ethically grown in Madagascar and extracted from Centella asiatica, the famous hero plant of the CICA. It acts on the skin's homeostasis and helps to achieve beautiful skin with a radiant glow and improved suppleness.

AQUAXYL™ (Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum) Thanks to a harmonization of the cutaneous water flows, AQUAXYL™ hydrates and restructures the skin. Water reserves are instantly increased, water circulation is boosted in all skin layers and water loss is reduced (proven in vitro and in vivo).

PHYTOWAX® OLIVE 10L40 is a natural wax from olive melting at skin temperature for an emollient effect (Hydrogenated Olive Oil Decyl Esters) Great alternative to synthetic waxes, it increases the consistency and creaminess of the formula, with a unique feel: easily spreadable, non greasy and non sticky, with nourishing properties.


Laboratory scale - 200 g

Melt phase B then add gums at the end of the melting process. Emulsify A in B and at the end of the 4' under silverson, under anchor while cooling (50°C) add sepifine bb + Kaolin + water. Remain under anchor and add ingredients of phase C, 1 by 1.


Aspect: Light blue compact liquid emulsion

Packaging: Jar

pH: 5.5

VISCOSITIES: 1M at RT: 21100mPa.s; Brookfield M4V6.


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